Eric Shane Fortune

About Eric Shane Fortune

At 39, Eric Shane Fortune is an innovative figure, blending artistic talent with inventive thinking. Initially trained in business consultancy, Eric soon ventured into diverse fields with remarkable skill.

Starting in creative development, Eric demonstrated a knack for crafting compelling narratives and imaginative concepts. This led to a period as a ghostwriter, where he adapted his writing to various voices, honing his empathy and creativity.

Eric’s journey didn’t stop at writing. He explored technology and agriculture, embracing innovation to address societal challenges. This intersectional approach highlighted his adaptability and commitment to using diverse skills for positive change.

Despite his many pursuits, Eric remains grounded in the tangible, using his skills as a carpenter to shape physical spaces with precision and artistry.

As an artistic inventor, Eric combines aesthetics with functionality to create whimsical sculptures and cutting-edge gadgets, inspiring wonder in those who encounter his work.

Now, at the height of his career, Eric focuses on empowering others. Through mentorship, collaboration, and direct intervention, he aims to inspire individuals and communities to unlock their full potential.

Eric’s journey from business consultant to multifaceted innovator exemplifies the possibilities of interdisciplinary exploration, showing that true creativity knows no bounds.

An AI rendering of me. Computers can be so flattering sometimes.


Welcome to my world of art, where I channel my creativity and expression into inspiring works. Join me on a journey through visual and performing arts that reflect my unique perspective and imaginative spirit.

Social Art and Epistemology

Discover how I explore the intersection of art and social theory. Through thought-provoking pieces, I challenge perceptions and delve into the role of art in shaping knowledge and societal values.

An AI generated image of me in anime form painting a floating painting that was generated before that. AI’s attempt of being avant-garde, I guess?

Business and Technology

Stay at the forefront of innovation with me as I navigate the dynamic worlds of business and technology. Learn how my interdisciplinary approach and inventive solutions are driving progress and transforming industries.